Thursday, 26 February 2009

Catching up in pictures.

The first day in the 'snowy' week!  We ventured up White Sheet Hill with the van..not realising quite how bad it was.   Soooo cold to.  Me and Arthur sat in the van for a bit, I had put a flask in but forgot the tea  Doh! So we drank a mixture of hot water and milk (yum) to warm up.
The boys all had great fun snow boarding down the hill.

Coming back down in the van I think even Tony was being a little careful driving as there was no grip at all.

The next day there was even more snow we took Arthur shopping in his sledge.

The Square in Gillingham looked really pretty.

This was Arthurs first walk in the snow we went out about 7.30 and walked around before anyone had made any footprints..didn't realise it would last so long!

The trees outside the shop were kept warm by there knitted socks!

The worst day was on the friday, again we thought it was nearly over, it had melted in Gillingham. So I wanted to get some photos on the hills before it dissapeared.  This was a huge mistake, I had had thoughts of getting stuck or sliding in the snow, but just thought it was my normal paranoia kicking in.  Should have followed my first instinct and stayed at home though.. We only drove 3 miles down the road to Mere, we were heading up the hill and it looked fine as we drove around the bend (there are lots of bends on this hill.)  the van just came to a standstill, it has 4 wheel drive (but not really as we found out!) it would not go up or back down and some how we ended up on the wrong side of the road between 2 bends..a little bit scary.   tony decided to try and dig us out as the blizzard got worse, me and Arthur were sat in the back of the van, and my thoughts were what if the van just started sliding backwards down this steep hill, Tony was trying to keep me calm so that Arthur would not get upset.  So I pretended to be ok but my legs started shaking as cars came round the corner (it wasn't that bad but you do end up with the worse thoughts.) In the end Tony flagged down a 4 wheel drive going down the hill (the man driving had just tryed to help an elderly couple that were stuck up on the hill where apparantly it was worse.) Any way he rescued me and Arthur and we left Tony, I thought he would cope much better if I wasn't there. 20 minutes later Tony arrived home too, he had been rescued by a tractor and abandonned the van. The road was closed for the rest of the day and Tony went back later to get the van.. it seriously needed to be dug out then, luckily I left him to it! Didn't attempt to go any where in the snow after that. The pic of Tony digging us out for some reason has gone to the top of the page.. I need a bit more practice at this!

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