Tuesday, 20 May 2008


I am not feeling well!  I won't give you to many details..I started off thinking it was food poisening but feel it may be Gastric flu as it has lasted 3 days! I can't eat anything and have terrible stomach cramps. .This is not good as I am supposed to be preparing for the Dorset Art Trail,(2 weeks of artists opening their studios to show and sell their work) and have left most of the preparation till the last week, I do seem to have enough art work though..more than enough to fit into our dining room, which is by a miracle going to turn into a gallery!  It will be a miracle at this rate as I am moving very slowly! (Unless I need the Loo, then I move like lightening!)

Better go and make the early morning cup of tea and wake up properly.

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  1. I am making a comment on my own blog, which is a bit sad! but I just have to point out it was 6.30 am and not the time it says.