Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Colourful Beads

I have been having more fun making beads. This time I have made them by crocheting a ball and stuffing it with merino tops, using all the different wools I have as a little test. Then putting them in the washing machine, they did start off in a pillow case but escaped *note to self tie up the pillow case* I put them on 95 0 and was really pleased with the results.

Then I got together all my embroidery threads and some very old pamphlets with samples of embroidery stitches in, and decided to have a go at embroidery. I am not the neatest of sewers so was not sure how they would come out, but I do like the dainty stitches there, I like the naive look of the beads.
They are now in the studio ready for me to sew some beads on, and then turn into necklaces.
They will be mixed with the crochet and some felted beads with a lot of freeform crochet in between.

The scumbled workshop went well and I am running another one on the 19th of March. Everyone produced lovely freeform crochet work. The best being an 8 year old who just quietly worked away next to her mother and produced a beautiful scumbled heart. There is a link here to The Air Gallery on Facebook.

Next week I am going to experiment making fabric beads, I am soooo lucky that I can call this my job :)

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  1. Oh they are just gorgeous and your stitching is lovely!!