Sunday, 13 February 2011

Its been a making sort of weekend..

I made these little flowers and beads yesterday, I'm working on a new collection of necklaces so making beads to go with my scumbled crochet ones. Arthur saw them this morning and asked how I made them so..
I showed him and he made a couple of beads (with me starting the felting process off) then we experimented making a sort of sausage shape and adding layers of colour.
When dry we cut them into beads, Arthurs are the blue ones and I did the pink.
This afternoon we did a bit of baking, I tried to make Chocolate Kisses but they came out completely wrong and a more like brandy snaps without the brandy ;) maybe I overcooked them or left out a really important ingredient like flour lol ??

Luckily the second batch of biscuits came out ok, and we had fun decorating them with a little bit of a Valentine feeling going on :)
We have nearly finished moving the shop and office, Tony is doing the finishing touches now, its been a long hard slog but Its so going to be worth it. Am looking forward to having a sitting down making week.
Hope you all have a fab valentine :)


  1. sounds like its all going well - i love the flowers just gorgeous.


  2. Hi Sue and Maria, all going great, life should become a bit more settled over the next couple of weeks :) would love to meet up sometime Maria its been ages!!! xx