Sunday, 14 November 2010

Its been soo long

I have not visited blogland since August. Life has been hectic sorting George and Harry out to go off into the big wide world. George started at Falmouth Art College in September and seems to be really enjoying it, and loving Falmouth itself. Well who wouldn't like to do Art by the sea?? Jealous moi ;)

Harry left last week to join the Army, he's based at Winchester to do his 23 week training and back on the 17th of Dec for 2 weeks. Am missing him massively now. With George we have been able to skype, facebook and e-mail so as much contact as when he was here really ;) ...But Harry has no mobile and very limited use of facebook, so it has seemed a lot harder.

Arthur started school in Sept, but seems to have been around more than before the summer holidays! The first half term was half days till 12.30 and since starting full days he's managed a week and then got a sick bug.

I have been busy making collections to go in Galleries and sorting out brochure and price list with the aim of visiting galleries while Arthurs at school.

You can now find my work in Fisherton Mill Salisbury, The Air Gallery in Wells and The Black Swan Art Gallery in Frome. ya!!

There's lots of other things going on with change in the air again ;) I will be back with pics and keeping up to date now I have remembered my passwords lol.

Hope you are all well. xxx


  1. sooo lovely to have you back! You certainly have been busy and how fantastic to have your lovely goodies in galleries!
    hope to see you in the next couple of weeks!


  2. Welcome back Tamsyn! Lovely to 'see' you again. I am also quite envious of George!
    Becky :-) x