Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Feel like we have been on fast forward..

The older boys have turned into adults over night? They both looked very smart when they went to their proms. Me and Harry had a lovely trip to Bath to find him the suit above for his last Army interview, he is now through to selection on the 11 and 12th of August and if he gets through will probably start in September. Not long to go, quite scary, but very exciting for Harry. He is so enthusiastic and training hard.
Harry's band Vivid Unknown played at the prom.
George also went shopping to get some smart clothes, to go interviews in, he has been trying to get work through the holidays (not dressed as above a little bit more casual than that. )
We were given a huge trampoline, which has been amazing, it also helped to get the ground clear and gave everyone the motivation they needed :) our neighbours thought the boys were working really hard in the garden, then they saw the trampoline go up and realised why.
You can't see it at all unless your in one of the bedrooms, and the teenagers have actually gone out in the garden with friends which they were not doing before, makes it feel more like home.
We have had some carrots out of the garden, Arthur was soooo excited to pull them up and he ate the lot :)
We even managed to go camping to Charmouth with friends from Gillingham, and we were lucky enough to have a field to ourselves with the sun shining :) If your ever in Charmouth pop into Ida's cafe and shop, she has secondhand books and crafty bits as well as local crafts peoples work and has just started workshops.
I have been working really hard in the shop getting a few collections of brooches ready to go on Folksy and my website, as well as to supply other shops. The last 2 weeks I have spent needlefelting and sewing.

I have made some scumbled brooches to go along side the cushions and jewellery.

I had a lovely visit from Jo of Ilchester last week and she has mentioned my shop in her blog worth checking out her blog, she also runs a shop and loves vintage.

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  1. the boys look sooo very grown up!!! have you had a go on the trampoline yet?!!!