Monday, 6 December 2010

Good News and Bad News.

I have decided to close the shop in Wincanton from the end of January. This is good news for me but I know a lot of people will be disappointed. I have had a massive amount of support over the years in Gillingham and Wincanton and I am very grateful for that.

I am looking forward to concentrating on my designing, making and getting back to painting without the distraction of running a shop.

I will be doing a series of paintings from our house in Wincanton, where there is endless inspiration. The colours of the landscape change every minute, the dramatic skies in the storms and the misty autumn mornings, the amazing frost and snow we've had lately turning everything white, then pink in the sunset.
I would love to capture just some of that and paint the view through out the seasons, and just appreciate where I am. I will be aiming to have an exhibition called...'One View' sometime in the future.
When I am not painting I will be working on my scrumbled crochet brooches,necklaces and cushions which are now being taken by galleries and shops.

Of course there is Arthur to look after and I can't wait to be around more for him instead of him joining me in the shop. George and Harry leaving brought home how quickly time flies.

I am really lucky that I have the support of Tony and am able to make changes to work around Arthur being at Primary school.

I am sooo excited and really looking forward to the new year....


There is a huge SALE on in the shop, I need to clear everything including fixtures and fittings as there is not much space at home (mainly cause I have filled that up with crafty things already).
Vintage buttons are 50p a pack, there is bags of vintage cottons,zips, patterns, 2 old sewing machines, ribbons, and fabrics at silly prices.
Jewellery, and lots of gifts, as well as all the cards.
Worth a visit!!!